Born in China and marketed in the world

In 2012, Tipcode was born in Shenzhen, China.

Although it is a young brand, it has built up a good brand reputation and become a popular product with excellent quality and dare brave spirit, just like its slogan: "the world's leading technology, the internationally renowned brand."

Elite team, big-name quality

Trace the Tipcode footprint, you can find the Tipcode research and development team has a world-renowned brand experience. Their products not only have the advantages of other internationally renowned brands such as "Honeywell" and "Motorola" in design and core technology, but also outperform them in the aspect of convenience and speed. Tipcode has always been meticulous in the pursuit of higher quality, from designing to manufacturing, from the inside part to the exterior look. 

Perhaps more often, Tipcode is not just a product, but a handicraft.

With the layout of the Chinese market, the future can be expected

All Tipcode products carry the philosophy of "quality is life, service is soul".

Stick to the original genuine, we implement "three tests" standard, that is, "factory test", "instock test", "outstock test" to control the qulity of our products.

It has been sold in foreign countries for many years and accepted and trusted by the majority of customers.

With the rapid development of the domestic bar code industry, Tipcode decides to return to the starting point, focusing on the layout of the Chinese market.

With its rich experience in international market and its high quality and professional service, Tipcode’s return to China will surely be welcomed by Chinese customers.

Now Tipcode has stood at a new height, the future can be expected, let us go hand in hand!