Supermarket King:TipCode TP7120 1D Laser platform

Super king TP7120 is a high-performance laser barcode scanning platform with strong decoding capability, high precision, high speed and good compatibility. It is widely used in retail, supermarkets, t

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Super king TP7120 is a high-performance laser barcode scanning platform with strong decoding capability, high precision, high speed and good compatibility. It is widely used in retail, supermarkets, tobacco, logistics, warehousing, medical treatment, garments and other fields. It is the most cost-effective product in the market at present, and it is your best choice.

Product features:

1,32-bit dual-chip decoding CPU: fast computing speed, strong decoding ability

2,high-speed decoding: high-speed decoding with 1500 lines/second, the real trigger

3,USB drive-free: Plug and Play, Windows with drivers, users do not need to install the driver

4, anti-pest design: with professional anti-pest design, eliminate probable failure caused by insects such as cockroaches going into the PCB 

5, omnidirectional scanning: 20 laser lines, 5 directions, all-round scanning

6, long depth of field: 0-200mm (UPC / EAN 100%, PCS90%)

7, single-line scanning function: easy to scan intensive bar code, can easily switch from single to full line function through the button

Product Features
Performance parameters
32-bit dual-chip decoding CPU 

quick computational speed and strong decoding capacity.

Light source

650nm High intensity laser diode

High speed decoding

decoding speed 1500lines/second, triggered at any moment.

Depth of Field

0~200mm@(UPC/EAN 100%,PCS=90%)

Super long depth of field

0—200mm@(UPC/EAN 100%,PCS90%)

Canning speed

1500 line per second

High precision

the decoding accuracy 5mil

Full scan

20 laser lines, 5directions, all-orientation space scanning.

Scan patterns

all-orientation space scanning (20 laser lines, 5directions), Single line scan ; sleep and wake

Higher density of integration

new generation programming technology is adopted to reduce the discrete components so as to strengthen the density of integration and reduce the breakdown rate.

Symbol Contrast

≥25%(UPC/EAN 100%)

Simple to set up

enter settings-scan setting code-exit setting, only three steps, simple and practical.

Scan Angle 

Angle of dip 45°   elevation 45°

USB of free drivers

plug and operate, windows comes with driver, no need to install the driver.

Error rate

less than 1/5000000

Automatic recognition inverse white bar codeno need to set up, automatic recognition.CPU performance

32-bit dual-chip and strong decoding capacity

Single line scanning function

convenient to scan dense codes. easy to switch single line between full lines through button

LED indicator light

boot:full color; standby:green; decoding:red; set state:blue; edit state:purple.

Stereo speaker

Stereo speaker adopted of graceful and vigorous acoustic quality rather than sharp and monotonous.


stereo speakers

Military quality assurance

each spare parts is subject to strict inspection and all products are under rigorous test to ensure 100% qualification rate.



Aging test

All products are passed 72 hours aging test and actual operation test before the consignment.

Power supply parameters 

Bite free test

products have passed five millions times error free test.

Input voltage

DC 5V ±10%

Mute moto

adopt precision motor made in Taiwan and through refined dynamic balance test to ensure the most silent products among peers.




Full-color LED indicator lights

adopt full-color LED indicator lights to display different conditions in the operation.

Environmental parameter

Operating Temperature



UPC-A、UPC-E、EAN-13、EAN-8、CODE39、Interleaved 2 of 5 、industrial 2 of 5、Matrix 2 of 5、CODEBAR、CDOE128、CODE93、CODE11、MSI、China Post Code


5%~95% (non-condensing)

physical parameter
Storage Temperature


Core size

D*W*H)89mm*108mm*143mm(See Figure 2)

Ambient Light


Core weight284gSafety specification
Line lengthUSB Line :20mElectrical safety 

CE EN55022 Class B、EN55024 Class B,FCC Part 15  Class B

Laser safety 

IEC 60825-1:Class 1